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Kennedy Crimping Tool With 7 Interchangeable Jaws

Kennedy Crimping Tool With 7 Interchangeable Jaws


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Supplied with 7 sets of jaws, this adjustable crimping tool set can easily be customised to suit any application. Manufactured from hardened steel with a zinc oxide finish, the product features a ratchet handle to enable the application of consistent pressure, as well as a quick release lever, tension adjustment wheel, locking screw and soft grip handles. All complete by the plastic carry case.

Features and Benefits
• Soft grip handles bolster user comfort and control when using
• Manufactured from heat treated steel and a zinc phosphated surface finish making for a durable product
• Tension adjustment wheel allows you to set and adjust tension
• Ratchet handle allows the user to exert a consistent pressure
• Quick-release jaw changing is tool free to get you back working swiftly
• Supplied with 7 easy change jaws to allow you to customise the tool to suit your needs
• Comes in a plastic moulded carry case to easily store your tools


Crimping Tool

Cord end terminal (small AWG): 0.5mm² - 4.0mm²

Insulated terminal: 0.5- 6.0mm²

Non-insulated terminal: 1.5mm² - 10mm²

Open barrel terminal: 0.5 - 6.0mm²

Open barrel terminal 7 D-SUB, V3.5: 2.5mm² - 8.0 - 10.0mm².

RG type coaxial cable connector: RG 58, 59, 62 and 6. 6.48mm - 8.23mm.

Cord end terminal (large AWG): 0.5mm² - 16.0mm²

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